The Most Essential Measurements for Crafting a Corset

The Most Essential Measurements for Crafting a Corset

Are you looking to create a stunning corset that fits perfectly and accentuates your curves but you're unsure of which measurements you will need? Look no further! In this expert guide, we will walk you through the steps on what to measure to sew a beautiful corset that will enhance your fashion designing.

What measurements do you need?


Shoulder to Nipple

Shoulder to Under Bust

Shoulder to Waist 

Shoulder to Tummy/ Corset Length

Nipple to Nipple

Breast Width

Back width (Shoulder to Shoulder)




Under Bust




How to choose the right pattern?

When selecting a corset pattern, consider your body shape and size. Look for a pattern that offers multiple size options and detailed instructions. It's essential to choose a pattern that matches your skill level to ensure a successful sewing experience.

What are the key steps in sewing a corset?

1. Cut out the fabric pieces according to the pattern. 2. Sew the panels together, leaving room for the boning channels. 3. Insert the steel boning into the channels for structure and support. 4. Add grommets for lacing at the back of the corset. 5. Lace up your corset and adjust for a perfect fit.

Why learn to sew a corset?

Sewing your own corset allows you to customize the design, fit, and fabric to suit your preferences. It's a rewarding and creative process that results in a unique garment tailored to you or your clients body. It can be used as the main garment or as an inbuilt corset for custom bridal gowns or custom prom dresses.